GLOSS is a concept for a quarterly publication curated for artists and designers. 
Created by 17 designers over the course of 12 weeks.
The Fall 2018 issue explores the concept of contrast between man-made and organic artifacts through the lens of print, studying the disparities and overlaps between industry created and naturally occurring subject matter.
Spread Design
Each designer was responsible for the layout of two articles. These articles were divided into 4 departments (Perspectives, Shapes, Interiors, Exhibits) with feature articles separating them. 
My team was responsible for creating a poster advertising the ULTRA GLOSSY design competition. The design is printed on layers of acetate which subscribers can shift around to create their own compositions. 
Team: Addie Laprey, Benjamin Van Cleave, Aidan Connolly, Chamberlin Rohrstaff
Each team met individually, while also meeting together each week for critique on team concepts and article layout.
Grid Construction
The publication itself was 9"x12" with 1"margins and a 3 column grid structure. 
The group collectively created a style guide that also dictated typography, hierarchy, colors, baseline grid, and treatment of eyebrows and folios. 
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