Masturbation is a virtual community that seeks to help young women feel confident in their sexuality. 
This project is the result of an integrated research and long-form design process. 
Through providing young women with a secure place to find education and support, we strive to create an environment where women can have an honest dialogue about sexual pleasure. This enables women to experience diverse narratives surrounding sexuality, and focus on forming a positive relationship with themselves through masturbation. 
Mailing Materials
A set of welcoming materials that are available for order after signing up for the app. This includes an introductory pamphlet that folds out into a poster, as well as pins and a tote bag.
These elements can be used as a means of creating discourse and conversation when worn in public. It allows women to wear their identity on their sleeve and feel confident in themselves. 
Process Book
The document below contains the research and exploration that informed this project. 
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