Aligning a managed IT service provider with their ideal customers.
Open Approach is a full-service IT support company that manages any and all computing needs and infrastructure. They work closely with each client to ensure that they deliver all-encompassing solutions that fit their unique needs. Open Approach prides itself as the first call that clients make when they don’t know who to turn to. Their clients know the Open Approach techs on a first-name basis, and trust them to provide timely and valuable support.
Scout Digital

My Role 
User Research
UXUI Designer 
The Challenge
An outdated and ambiguous site is making it hard for their sales team to engage with their ideal customers. 
Open Approach has established themselves as a staple of the Vermont IT community, and through this project, our goal is to drive more of their ideal clients to contact Open Approach’s sales team.
Measurements of Success

1. The new website should communicate directly to their ideal customers and make it simple for them to  reach out.

2. They want to better communicate their values, expertise, and ethics. They want potential clients to look to them as an equal partner and educational resource.
Competitive Analysis
We conducted a competitive analysis of similar IT service providers, both locally and nationally. This process allowed us to understand what information users will be expecting to find when they are comparing potential IT support companies. 
Defining Users and User Needs
Findings from 15 digital surveys and 5 interviews with Open Approach’s clients:

• They valued Open Approach because OA will work with any existing IT infrastructure, by building upon it instead of replacing it. 
• They recognized OA’s experience and expertise within their industry, and value that OA is able to speak their language and easily understand their systems.
• Open Approach is the first call their clients make if they don’t know who to turn to. They know the OA team on a first name basis and know they will receive a quick response and valuable support.  
• They look to OA for the latest industry insights, and advice on proactive IT solutions to plan for the future.

These findings informed the following user personas:
Creating user stories and user flows allowed us to translate the needs of each persona into solutions the new site could provide. From these flows, we created a sitemap and corresponding wireframes.
Prototyping the Solution
I created my high fidelity mockups in Figma for the client to review and provide a tool to collaborate with front end developers in order to bring the website to life. 
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